Ålesund public library

The central library can be found on the first floor of the Town Hall wing. Moa library can be found on the ground floor of the new Amfi Moa shopping centre. The library is an active source of information and guidance. If you are wondering about something - speak to one of the library’s staff.


Facts about our services and what you can expect from us

  • free lending
  • we offer an efficient and helpful service
  • provide a wide selection of new titles and are interested in yoursuggestions
  • we make current local and national government information available
  • we obtain available items from other libraries when you need this
  • we reply within 10 working days to your request for items the library does not own
  • we answer extensive and difficult questions within 3 working days

We expect that

  • you follow the library’s lending regulations
  • you comply to borrowing deadlines, so that items can become available for other borrowers
  • you replace lost or damaged items
  • you follow the library’s Internet regulations

What the library provides

  • a good and varied selection of fiction and non-fiction
  • newspapers, periodicals and government information
  • books in foreign languages
  • audio books, music and films
  • language courses
  • books, newspapers and periodicals for immigrant groups
  • internet - computers and wifi
  • departments for children and young people
  • a local history department, including a microfilm reader for newspapers, census returns and church records (central library only)
  • reading rooms for studying (central library only)
  • a conference room for hire (central library only)

Services on the Internet

  • home page covering available services in the library
  • catalogue search (choose English at the bottom of the page)
  • Login – a service for maintaining your loans, reservations etc. (Choose English at the bottom of the page)
  • links to other information and literature sites

Who can borrow?

Everyone aged 6 and over with a permanent address can receive a borrower’s card. Borrowers aged 6 to 15 need to have their registrations signed by a parent or guardian. Please inform us of any changes to your address, e-mail, telephone number or the loss of your card. Always have your card with you!

Borrowing is free

– But late returns will be charged! There are fines for reminders and loss of lending card. You will find current fines in our lending rules. Fines are changed by local government decesion.
After two reminders you will receive a replacement claim for the item in question. If you do not pay the replacement or return the item, the claim will be sent to debt recovery. The fines must be paid to the library. The library is not responsible for damage to equipment resulting from the use of library items like dvds and cds. Borrowing will be denied until a breach of lending rules has been resolved. We draw your attention to the fact that the items are protected with burglar alarm. You are responsible for everything borrowed with your card.

Opening hours

Ålesund library

Monday–Thursday 10 am-7 pm (10 am-4 pm)
Friday 10 am-4 pm (10 am-4 pm)
Saturday 10 am-3 pm (10 am-2 pm)

() = Summer opening hours central library 

Moa library

Monday-Thursday 10 am-6 pm (10 am-4 pm)
Friday 10 am-4 pm (10 am-4 pm)
Saturday 10 am-3 pm (10 am-2 pm)

() = Summer opening hours

Lending rules

Lending rules

Everyone over 6 years with a permanent address may receive a library card. You must show identification. Borrowers between 6 and 15 years old must have a parent’s or a tutor’s signature. A person is responsible for his library card. Please inform us of any change of address or if you lose your library card. To get a new card you must pay a fine of 50,- kr (adults).
Always bring your card with you!

For how long can I borrow?

The normal lending period for books is 4 weeks, for films 7 days, for language courses 8 weeks and for cd's and journals 14 days. A loan may normally be renewed upto two times, if the material is not reserved for someone else. In special cases different lending periods may be arranged.

How much will it cost?

Borrowing is without charge, but expenses will arise if books are not returned in time - see the list.
Books and material that are damaged or lost, must be replaced. The library is not responsible for any damage that might arise on equipment due to playing e.g. films and cd's. A charge is made for library cards lost or forgotten.

How much can I borrow?

There is normally no limit to what you may borrow. The age limit for borrowing films is 10. Children under 10 must have a parent’s or a tutor’s authorisation to borrow films.     
Borrowing is free of charge but late returns can be expensive

Fines for overdue notices:


For adults

For children

1st. notice kr 50 kr 40
2nd. notice kr 90 kr 45

After the second overdue notice you will receive a claim for the material in question. If you do not return or refund the material, the claim will be sent to a debt-collecting firm. Fines must be paid to the library.

If you break the library's lending rules, you will not be allowed to borrow anything until you have paid your fines and refunded or returned the material.
Fine for the loss of library card: kr. 50/adult
These fines can be adjusted by the council.

We draw your attention to the fact that the items are protected with burglar alarm.
A person is always responsible for everything borrowed by his library card.

What about books the library does not have?
Our own books may be reserved. Otherwise many books may be ordered from other libraries.

Just ask for help!

The library hopes that as many as possible will benefit from its cultural resources and its library information service with reference works, information about local administration, newspaper cuttings and other information ressources.

If in doubt ask the staff!

Applicable from 01.01.17

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Ålesund public library

Telephone: 70 16 22 60   -  Telefax: 70 16 22 61
Telephone Information: 70 16 22 51

E-mail: alesund.bibliotek@alesund.kommune.no
Children's department, e-mail: barn.alesund.bibliotek@alesund.kommune.no

Office address

"Lavblokka", The Town hall

Post address

Keiser Wilhelmsgt. 15, 6003 Ålesund

Moa library

Telephone: 70 16 45 30   -  Telefax: 70 16 45 32
Telephone Information: 70 16 45 31

E-mail: moa.bibliotek@alesund.kommune.no

Office address / Post address

Amfi Moa syd, Langelandsvegen 35, 6018 Ålesund

  • Treff: 3693